4 easy steps to...

Great development conversations

Step 1.

Why am I having this conversation?

All good conversations start with a purpose.
Selecting a context creates that purpose.​

Custom conversations are available on our Business or Enterprise plans.

Step 2.

What conversation should I have?

Development conversations are about what someone should start, stop or keep doing.

Selecting a conversation creates a focus.

Step 3.

How do I personalize this conversation?

People are different and great development conversations acknowledge differences.

Selecting a reason personalizes your conversation and makes it relevant.

Step 4.

What action can we take?

True development starts with a commitment to change.

Selecting an action is the first step to gaining that commitment

Bonus Step

Connect your learning Resources

Turn digital content in your existing Learning Management System into a high performing asset by adding course suggestions to your conversations. Single-click hyperlink opens suggested content within your own LMS environment.

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