10x your coaching investment with data-driven behavioral change

74% of CEO’s want return on investment (ROI) data related to learning and development, but only 4% are provided with this information (Phillips, 2010).

*Group of 900 People (2018/2019 Approved Development Actions)

MyCoach is an app-based platform that increases the impact of every dollar spent on personal growth and development.

With real-time monitoring of your internal coaching and leadership development programmes, we’re able to manage your People investment to provide maximum return while also ensuring learning and development goals are being met.



Identify which current programmes would benefit from MyCoach, or use people analytics to select high-potential candidates and their development focus.



Coach and develop candidates to increase ROI and meet development objectives.



Real-time monitoring of behavioural change while managing your L&D investment to 10x

MyCoach is for any individual who is benefiting from:

  • Individual coaching
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Management development programmes
  • Accelerated leadership candidates
  • Mentorship participants

Think of it as the Fitbit of Personal Growth

that helps track and accelerate the career trajectories of high value talent within your organisation, while managing ROI.

Developed by an executive, NLP and life coach, with over 2000 coaching hours in conjunction with global talent analytics company, PeopleTree Group.


We’re a ‘fitbit’ for personal growth, making sure that your key Talent is empowered with reliable, accurate data to achieve their development goals, and ensuring that your investment in learning and development is well-managed.

Sade SavingsMyCoach Founder

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