How do we plan personalized development?

Development programs in the workplace are normally approached with the mentality of “one size fits all”. This is counterintuitive to growing a diversified workforce/team. Employees need to be analysed in terms of their strengths and blind spots to really have an impact on their development

Personalized Development

Development plans are tailored to what individuals need to be good at to perform in an existing or future role

Seamless Onboarding Process

The MyCoach technology plans your team's individual development focus areas, set’s a time frame for your development journey and set’s unique progress measures.

Drive Engagement

MyCoach technology drives personalised development and with that creates a more engaged workforce by decreasing dissatisfaction and bad working habits.

Driving development through MyCoach also prompts you to evaluate employees’ skills and capabilities to review where individual growth and development could be focused.

Why Personalize Your Teams Development Initiative with MyCoach?

Increase Retention

When you invest in personalised development initiatives for your team you are simultaneously acknowledging your employees’ capabilities and giving them the tools for them to drive their own professional growth.

Multiple studies have shown that involuntary turnover can lead to an acquisition cost close to 150% of an individual’s annual salary. Investing in your employee’s development establishes an employee’s sense of value within your company and ultimately higher retention.

Develop Your Future Leaders

Targeting employees for future leadership development is essential for the growth and future of your organisation. Through the MyCoach development journey you are able to identify and manage potential candidates for future leadership roles and begin initiating a conversation around their future and how to further focus their development to become your next generation leaders.

Empower Your Workforce

Forbes conducted a study which consisted of data from 19 000 employees and showed that there is an extremely strong correlation between the emphasis a team has on development and a high sense of empowerment.

MyCoach continually looks to support and develop your team for you, which drives a greater sense of value and confidence within your team.