How is the development process monitored and managed for you?

The role of the DPM is an entirely new role we’ve created to compliment the MyCoach Development solution.
The designated Development Process Manager actively monitors, manages, and reports the progress throughout the development process allowing you to solely focus on your work and leave L&D to us or alternatively we can build and train the role internally.

Monitor potential low motivation factors

MyCoach uses a motivation log assessment

Gain insight into potential motivational issues with individual users by monitoring development relevancy, progress and opportunity to practice.

Monitor your team's development experience

Track user satisfaction with their Development Manager, resource availability and whether they have adequate manager support through their development.

Whose job is it to manage this process?

Want the Development Process managed for you?

MyCoach has many Development specialists that can manage your people development process for you

Want an internal Development Process Manager?

As a part of the MyCoach solution we can train one of your people to become a certified Development process manager to manage the process internally